As I mentioned recently, I have installed Opennebula and KVM on my local host (Ubuntu 10.4) for some testing purposes.

After instantiating a new VM, it was going through pend, prolog, boot but then suddenly FAIL with the following error in the oned.log file:

“/var/tmp/one/vmm/kvm/deploy /var/lib/one//datastores/0/2/deployment.0 localhost 2 localhost”

I fixed the problem in this way:

  1. sudo vim /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf (it can be with oneadmin user or any sudo enabled user)
  2. change: user = “oneadmin”—>user=”root” and group = “oneadmin”–>group = “root”
  3. save and exit the file.
  4. Restart libvirt: sudo service libvirt-bin stop and then sudo service libvirt-bin start
  5. stop/start opennebula: one stop then one start

Now, it should work fine.

Hope this helps…